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StarSuckers – our IndieJam 2012 entry

Thursday, April 26th, 2012


In the beginning of April we participated in the cozy IndieJam in Aalborg, Denmark.
The theme was “Out of this world”, and our little two-man-team got a split-screen two-person-spaceshooter up and running before the time of judgement, sunday morning Smile.


We were ONE measly vote from winning the indie Smile. So we have decided to publish the game on the XBOX 360 Indie channel. We’re devoting one day a week to the project, so before the summer is over, you will probably be able to play it.

If you’ve got XBOX 360 controllers with a USB adapter – you can download the playable version (XNA 4.0) and beat a friend (or enemy) of yours at home Winking smile … or maybe get the code.

Created by yours truly and Jesper Niedermann.