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Progress on StarSuckers

Sunday, May 13th, 2012



As you can see above: the splash screen for Starsuckers has been updated using Flavio Takemoto’s “Shine Energy 5” image from SXC – thanks Flavio! Smile

We’re currently in the process of going through the Microsoft “Evil List”, and making sure our game lives up to the checklist before we send it for approval. If any of you are going to create a game for XBOX, there’s also a best practices list you should adhere to, and these two may be of interest as well:

GameThumbnail The Game Thumbnail is currently this logo here (left) – we may change it so the splashscreen and game thumbnail are more in sync graphically – but we’re not graphics artists, so we’ll see about that Winking smile

We’re defining what will be left out of the trial version. We’re considering, the single player mode (with AI), the multishots and the ability to aim yourself instead of the Starsucker firing for you, to be extra for the full version.

More updates as we progress!