Came across this website which has an interesting idea:

“What if we made music designed to occupy the part of your mind that distracts you from real work, thereby leaving you free to work more focused?”

That’s the simple concept behind musicForProgramming()


In their own words:

“Through years of trial and error - skipping around internet radio stations, playing our entire music collections on shuffle, or just hammering single albums on repeat, we have found that the most effective music to aid prolonged periods of intense concentration tends to have a mixture of the following qualities:

Field recordings
Vague memories (Hypnagogia)
Textures without rhythm
Minor complex chords
Early music (Baroque, lute, harpsichord)
Very few drums or vocals
Synth arpeggios
Walls of reverb

Music possessing these qualities can often provide just the right amount of interest to occupy the parts of your brain that would otherwise be left free to wander and lead to distraction during your work.”

It’s dreamy, newagey-, easy listening and free Smile.

Note: of course, if you’re not a programmer – it can be used for a lot of other pastimes as well Winking smile.


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