XNA talk at AANUG

xnacrashcourse_firstslideJust came home from Aalborg .Net User Group (AANUG) where I had the pleasure of introducing around 20 coders to XNA. We talked our way through a little quick and dirty "Let's make a PNG move across the screen using the keyboard" to

  • Proper methods of subclassing DrawableGameComponent.
  • Using ElapsedGameTime to make animation smooth
  • Storing services in Game.Services so components can communicate
  • Etc.

All in all a fun evening with a keen crowd. Thanks to the XNA coders present who supplemented my presentation where I lacked knowledge (XBOX360 specifics and the Indie concept).

The PowerPoint is in danish - so no need to download it if you don't speak that language 😉

Xna præsentation

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