They recently discovered a smaller scroll hidden in the cylinder of the
first scroll of the ancient Biblical scriptures, believed to be the actual
"first page" of the Bible.

When deciphered, it read:

"Copyright (c) 300 B.C. God. All Rights Reserved First scrawling
First-Sunrise-After-Stonehenge-Keystone-Is-Shadowed, 300 B.C.
All beings, places and events depicted in this work are fictional, and any
resemblance to actual beings, places and events past, present or future is
purely coincidental.

WARNING: Some of the actions performed in this work are dangerous and
should only be attempted by professionals familiar with the action inquestion.

NOTE: Those tiny points of light in the sky when it gets dark are called
'stars'. Some of them do blow up on occasion. In no way should this be
construed as a sign that there is, beneath such an explosion, any form of
saviour. Should such a misconstrual happen, the author will not be held
responsible for the avalanche of arrogance, zeal, bigotry, humanocentricity
and other vile acts which will surely follow the residents of the planet
into time eternal until someone sees fit to erase the denizens of the
world and let the author start over.