Welcome to my humble abode. The reason I've started this website is that there are many BASIC sites out there - willing to upload everything ending with ".BAS". This makes it hard for especially new programmers to find what they really need. Consequently I will strive to supply only what is really useful.

I will specialize in three areas:

Source code
I don't accept programs without the source code because that's how I learnt most of my skills - by looking through other peoples code.
(Text, word, wordperfect, whatever...) all the useful compilations of hardware- and softwarefacts, descriptions of file-formats etc. And of course: tutorials.
For making the actual programming easier. By this I mean pictureconverters, drawing programs/sprite editors, libraries etc. I will accept these to be available only in EXE format, as they serve their purpose in that form.

I have made quite a few tools for use when programming, they will also be uploaded as soon as I've translated the instructions (I'm Danish). I will be writing some things myself to put on the site, but please feel free to mail your routines, subs and libraries.

So far - TRACER - my fastpaced QBASIC game is on the site...go on... take a look!

Later ... Jake!


All graphics and layout by Jakob Krarup

My URL: http://welcome.to/QBASIC

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