Here you'll find files that relate to making and optimizing graphics in your programs. Editors and tools to make programming life easier have also found their way in here.

  Filename: Description:
2scren13.bas Multiple screens in mode 13h (not modeX) by storing screens in large arrays
bmp.bas Bitmap picture loader for screen 13
fade.bas Manny Najeras fade-routines (fade in/out etc.)
fade2.bas Simple Si's fade routines. (also for mode 12h)
flamegen.bas Bobby K's routine for making a text with flames
gif.bas displays noninterlaced GIFs in screen 13h
modex.bas Douglas Lusher's routine for entering ModeX
pal004.bas Really neat palette routines with the works!
savepcx.bas Saves a 13h screen to a PCX file
transpar.bas Transparet printing to the screen
txtplas.bas Textbased plasma - pretty neat
vortex2.bas A funnelshape animated with paletterotation
vrampoke.bas Shows how to write characters directly to the screen by POKEing to the screen memory. Description and demo of how to change the palette.
smooth.bas Matt Bross' demo of how to smooth graphics (text in this sample)

  Filename: Description:
bmp.doc Word document with everything you ever wanted to know about the BMP file format. (18 pages)
pcx.doc Word document with everything you ever wanted to know about the PCX file format. (9 pages)
colors.txt Old (1985) explanation of the RGB color format Thoughts and strategies on how to design palettes for your games. Includes design techniques from Doom. (Not only oriented towards BASIC)
Gif87a.txt Text explaining the GIF 87A format.
Gif89a.txt Text explaining the GIF 89A format.
Gif_comp.txt Text explaining how the GIF format is compressed.
Scrolling.txt An excellent documentation and sample sourcecode for the so sough-after "pixel by pixel scrolling in BASIC"

  Filename: Description: Loads GIF or BMP files onto the screen and saves them to a file format easier read by BASIC
getput13.txt Interesting article by Andrew L. Ayers on how BASIC uses GET and PUT, and how to save array space. A 640*400*256 up to 600*800*256 GIF viewer by Zephyr software. Includes QB libraries and BAS file.