Whether you want to be able to check for left shift and page up or just the arrow keys - you'll find the code and tools to do it - here!

Filename: Description:
keys1.bas Instead of writing in your intro "please turn off the CAPS LOCK" or whichever keys, try this on for size: Source code to turn off CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK and SCROLL LOCK.
subkeyex.bas Lets you read the status of the keys we normally have trouble getting access to from BASIC: Shift, Ctrl etc.
clearing_the_keyboard_buffer.bas This little tidbit will let you clear the keyboard buffer as easy and as fast as 1-2-3.

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Filename: Description:
Keypress_and_release.txt This small text explains scancodes, and how you can make your keyboard routines more flexible using them. This way you can not only check for a specific key being pressed, you can also check when it is released.

Filename: Description:
showkey1.zip My Showkey tool that displays the charactercodes (CHR$) for a keypress, so you can use all those weird keypresses <CTRL>+<F4>, <CTRL>+<PGDN> etc. in your BASIC programs.