Here you'll find files that relate to making your own fonts or incorporating those made by others. It really *does* make a program all the more impressive if you use your own font.

Filename: Description:
outlfont.bas Phillip Jay Cohen's Outlined fonts SUBs for QBASIC Sven Ripper's displayfont Molnar/Kucalaba's nice shaded fonts. (Cool!)
vgafont.bas A really cool fontset for BASIC by Brian Flick, that doesn't need a datafile.
drawtext.bas Shadowed text drawn directly from BIOS' ROM font.
fontt.bas Neat little font that doesn't need a datafile and can be drawn in varying shades. By Blackvoid13.

Filename: Description:
making_fonts.txt An article by me taken from issue 10 of the BASIX fanzine on making your own fonts.
DOCS! I need them! - Got any? Mail'em!

Filename: Description: Bobby K's routines for making WINDOWS fonts into fonts usable by BASIC. Includes alot of converted ones.