Other stuff of interest

Here I'll put categories which have too few sourcefiles to warrant a page of their own. Also the docs that are useful but don't apply directly to the subjects in the menu.

Filename: Description:
ems.bas This is a cool little program that lets you use EMS in BASIC. You need to have EMS installed on your system though, but then this handy gadget gives you a lot of extra space for your variables.
clkticks.bas With this source by Joe Negron you can make very precise pauses using the computer clock's ticks.

Filename: Description:
asminqb.txt A nifty textfile explaining how to write inline assembler in QBASIC. Neat!
errcodes.txt Textfile with QBASICs error codes. Handy if you're making your own errorhandling routine.
asm_to_qb.zip A set of textfiles covering the subject of how to get assembler into your BASIC code. It also helps you grasp the basics of assembler.
answers.zip These are the completed projects from the above lessons.