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Hi there! ...Wanna play Generals?

I have been playing EA Games' Command & Conquer - Generals for some time now.
I actually bought it - yes, I think it's that good! : )
Now I've been playing for some time, it wanted to start making some multiplayer maps.
All my maps have some sort of plot or idea, so it's not just your ordinary run-off-the-mill-maps. : ) I've described them in detail, and put screenshots from the mapeditor and in-game screendumps, so you know what you get.
I've made 3 so far, and I've put them for download here - so you can try them out.
I've just learnt how to make skirmish maps - so now all the maps can be played in soloplay against the computer. : )

I have been fiddling around with the World Builder some more, and now I have figured out how to make singleplayer missions too.
My first attempt (very basic) is here too:

If you want to learn something about scripting single player missions yourself, then have a look at my tutorials.

If you have ideas, suggestions or questions - mail me
I also have some of my replays you can download and see if you like.

Multiplayer/Skirmish Maps:

The Gamemap

Volcano Islands (1 vs 1)
- download the map

This map is designed for twoplayer games where you don't want the opponent to be able to rush you. The main concept is two identical coastlines on either side of a dead volcano. It is set in a beautiful little island setting with palms, ocean and lots of greenery. The only way from either base to the other's base is along the coastline via a narrow ramp, over the volcano and via a narrow ramp to the opposite side. Ad to make it even harder to rush, there are plenty of bunkers along the road to slow the enemy's advance..
To deter enemies from rushing by air, there have been built two bunkers and a guardtower right in front of the Supply depot, so it is easy to defend with a few rocket soldiers.

To make things a little interesting - there are two Oilderricks on each coastline - but they've been placed just past the ramp from the volcano, so it is a little easier to get to the enemy's ressources, but still, they are camped down behind a couple of bunkers - so going for them won't too easy.

The Gamemap

Frozen Fortress (2 vs 2)
- download the map

Frozen fortress was made to give teams a really good map for working together on.

The map takes a bit of inspiration from medieval castles, with "towers" in the corners, and a thin "catwalk" between the teammates.

Two people working together can make a very hard to reach fortress out of their side of the map.

There isn't much space to build on at the original base - which means that the two players will have to expand on to the tundra in the center of the map. Apart from the standard supply depot, there is a storage area, with some smaller supply packages, and a UN container.

There are quite a few ressources for each team, located between the players on each team. I have seen a few teams starting a fight over shared ressources, so - don't! : )

The Gamemap

Battlestar (4 player map)
- download the map

This is a map for four players. They can be teamed, but they can just as easily be 1 on 1 on 1 on 1 : )

It is a pretty straightforward hurry, hurry, hurry - map with lots of ressources to fight over, and try to be the first to reach.

The thing that makes this map interesting is that there isn't a lot of room, which excludes lots of airbases. This means that it will mainly be a groundwar, where digging in will be important. : )

Each starting area is prebuilt with 6 bunkers, to ease defending the base. Between each of the 4 starting areas, there is a little triangle of ressources. In front of each extra oil derrick is a $1000 crate.

In the center there are two additional oil derricks Here is an in-game shot of 8 chinese MIGs defending it. surrounded by 8 bunkers.

Singleplayer Missions:

The Gamemap

Destroying the base of Al Shariff
- download the map

In this mission you start out with only a Red Guard sergeant and four Tank Hunters, all five behind enemy territory.
You are close to the base of Al Shariff, the renowned terrorist. Five infantry units isn't much when you want to destroy a terrorist camp. But luckily there are a few chinese and GLA vehicles parked around the camp, so go get them, and kick some a**.

Here is a picture of your starting situation:


  • You should play very tactically especially in the beginning, till you get some heavier units.
  • Tank Hunters can fire farther than GLA infantry in guardtowers : ))
  • Make sure you scout ahead and try to find out the routines of the patrols (you don't want you infantry to run into a QuadCannon?)
  • A forward scout can also get a sneakpeek at enemy vehicles, so you can camouflage your bombtrucks, and get them even closer.
  • Bomb trucks are efficient - but even more with the added high explosives you can upgrade to.


Here are two of my replays. The first one was a game i had to win. I was playing 2vs2 on a $$$$ map, and my teammate dropped out quite early on in the game.

I was actually getting hold of the situation and winning, when the two cheaters started using superweapons, though we had agreed no superweapons prior to the battle. So then I started building also, and eventually won. : )))

The other one is just showing off: me beating 6 Brutal AIs on the Twilight Flame map.

2vs2 - cheaters got their ass kicked!!.zip
2vs2 - cheaters got their ass kicked.zip
SnakeJake vs 6 Teamed Brutal AI (Twilight Flame).zip
Ultranova vs. 3 teamed Brutal AIs.zip
Ultranova vs. 6 Teamed Brutal AIs.zip