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Hi there, and welcome.

I suppose you're here for the "Signature Funnies 1.1" Freeware program.

Well go right ahead and download it!

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(Click the picture to get it)

If you're still not sure what the hype is all about - then read on:

"Signature Funnies version 1.0"

The idea to this program originated, when I read all the funny little one-liner jokes that people added to their e-mails and postings on usenet. I started doing that too, but I seldomly got around to changing the joke and it would wear out.

So first thing I started doing was collecting one-liners from the net.
I surfed far and near (which is pretty much the same to a net-surfer) and I started CUT'ing and PASTE'ing a lot from usenet postings. After a while i had in excess of 1500 one-liners, but I still had the little problem of changing them.

That's where "Signature Funnies" comes into the picture. You see, I've been fiddling around with Visual Basic for quite some time, but so far nothing useful came out of it. So I thought "This is IT!" - make a program that will automate this for people, and VOILA! it is.

It will let you specify where your signature file is located, and every time you run this program it loads a new one-liner on to the end of your signature file (and removes the old one of course = ).

If you're as lazy as me, you can automate it by adding a short cut to the program to your "Startup" menu.
This way, every time you start windows, there'll be a new one-liner in your emails - ready to spread a little laughter.

NOTE - Signature funnies does not work with AOL, HOTMAIL or similar webbased email services - sorry!

"Signature Funnies version 1.1"

With this version I dropped the encryption I had on the one-liners, and now the program will read the "oneliner.txt" file and pick a line at random from it. This way you can add your own one-liners to the program, delete the ones you don't like or make your own file in your language.
Just remember to delete any blank lines in the text file, and you should be all set to go!

(Thanx to Jesper Hansen for the suggestion of letting the datafile be editable)

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I got it for free at

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