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You have arrived at the ultimate place for all your needs as an efficient Dungeon Keeper!

Have you the need for a whip to keep your dark minions in line? Are the dungeon crawlers pestering you incessantly? Then load down the tool you require - here!

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The Guide you've awaited so eagerly - well enter hastily!

You would be wise to visit our hints section. Many have searched our tomes of ancient wisdom to find enlightenment in the gruesome art of Dungeon Keeping.

So unlikely it sounds, but should you have the need of further knowledge, we have gateways to other realms, where you may gain additional insight. Take the time to frequent our Gateway.

The daily press have all given their thoughts on our trade, and should you be interested in knowing what the world thinks of us dungeon keepers, guide your feet to our press section.

Have you ever spent a gloomy night in your cave of treasures, wondering what the dungeon of the Dungeon Keeper around the corner looks like? Well wonder no more, we have the paintings showing you exactly what it looks like in our Gallery

You still have no knowledge of the game's true nature?? Press below with all haste!!

the Game

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You like our humble place of Dungeon Keeping? You have a wish to be kept up to date? Then join our list of up-to-date Dungeon Keepers and receive an electronic letter every time there is new knowledge on this site!

Soon we will have our Chaos Tome working properly in order to let you voice your thoughts on our little hideyhole.

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Wonder of Wonders, we have had the fortune of getting an award for the way we've planned our dungeon. [Personally I think it comes from that ingenious use of the lightning trap/word of power trap combo in the left wing of the torture hall.]

The game has only been out for a few days, when we have to send this general warning - you may get the feared DungeonKeppitis syndrome from excessive playing. We have the Syndromes!

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After some requests, in particular by DiSSiPER (Master Hinter by title) we have added a helpful news-section for those who aren't among the lucky quarter-thousand members of our Mailing list.

And for those of you who need to vent your rage or ask a question of your fellow Dungeon Keepers - we've built a new forum: "Off the Record"

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