VB Classmaker Help
Classmaker is a small webbased tool to help with the tedious work related to writing VB.NET classes.
With Classmaker you just write the name of the class, fill in the names of attributes and select whether you want Custom Collection ... and Voilá - you have the foundation for your class, with two constructors and read/write properties for all your attributes.
  • Fill in the name of the class
  • Fill in the names of the attributes you want then class to have
  • If the attribute types you want aren't in the dropdowns - use the "other types" input boxes
  • If you need more attribute fields, click the "20 fields" or "30 fields" links
  • Select whether you want a Custom Collection created for you
  • Click the "Create" button and you'll get the code to get you started.
Sample fill-in:

Sample result: